Beauty AND Brains: Meet Eloreen!

Eloreen likes to be called “Cali” as she was born in the state of California and the nickname just stuck! We Eloreen Vita Nova Graduatehave been so fortunate to watch Cali blossom since she arrived at Vita Nova Village in October of 2017.

When Cali initially entered Vita Nova Village, she was not enrolled in school and was employed at Walmart but left there shortly after coming to live with us. She then enrolled at Worthington High School and we are pleased to announce that she graduated this month!

Cali has a real talent for styling hair and she enjoys doing her own hair as well as her friend’s hair. She initially felt that she would like to enter a cosmetology program but her future plans have taken a shift. Cali would like to find a way to “give back” and she now feels that she would like to explore a social work tract at Palm Beach State College where she has already enrolled and will start in fall semester.

Given the size of Cali’s heart and her caring attitude this is a perfect fit for her! She is currently employed at Wendy’s where she displays a strong work ethic and a real team mentality. We are happy to have Cali in our lives and excited to see where her path takes her!

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