Please meet Rebekka! Success Story

Please meet Rebekka!

Rebekka is an amazing young lady.  What she has achieved given challenges with family and lack of support from adults is nothing short of impressive.

Rebekka is one of the half million youth in America who grew up in foster care.  She turned 18 in 2016 when she became involved with Vita Nova for additional support for school and life skills development.  She began her academic career at Florida State University and she recently received her Associate of Arts degree.  She is currently a junior at FSU with a impressive grade point average of 3.4.

Rebekka takes an active role within the Unconquered Scholars Program at Florida State University—which provides an array of support services promoting overall success to youth who experienced foster care, homelessness, relative care, or ward of the State status—serving as President of their Advisory Board. She works for the Center of Academic Retention and Enhancement (CARE) as a Guide and a Delegate. She volunteers within her scholarship housing program—Southern Scholarship Foundation—as both the Business Manager and House Manager.

Despite exceling in school Rebekka knew there was more she wanted to do with her life and her experiences.  In the two short years after turning 18, Rebekka has dedicated herself to advocacy, mainly on behalf of current and former foster care youth. She joined a statewide advocacy group that aims to make improvements to the foster care system with her voice on the state and local level.  Particularly, Rebekka has devoted her efforts to promoting the importance of education to this population. Rebekka has spoken at numerous conferences regarding her experience as a former foster care youth on a university campus as well as suggesting reform which this population would benefit from. These conferences include the Positive Pathways Conference and the Florida District Anchor Convention.

Rebekka find the time in her busy day to be a volunteer as well.  She is an AOK Scholarship recipient and participant. She often gives tours, presentations, and speaks on panels for child welfare and post secondary programs.  She also provides many hours as a volunteer for projects such as Alzheimer’s awareness, and equality events.

Due to these many accomplishments, Rebekka was honored as Florida Children’s First Outstanding Youth Advocate for 2018. Rebekka’s dedication to education, advocacy and volunteerism are inspiring for all who know her.  At Vita Nova she is another youth who is able to thrive when given the support and resources to do so. To learn more about Rebekka or help our mission contact us today: www.vitanovainc.org.

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