Vita Nova Village Hosts a Family Reunion

They traveled from Boynton Beach, from Orlando, even from out of state to attend this reunion.  Who were they?  We like to call them Vita Nova Grads.  Adults who were a part of Vita Nova early on came back to share their life journeys.  They even brought their children who Liz Smiley, Director of Housing at Vita Nova Village, has declared are her grandchildren.  They came to reconnect with their old friends and the staff as well as to make new friends with the youth here now.

The hotdogs and burgers were great but it was the beef brisket that stole the show.  The hugs, the laughter, the stories of “back in the day” – all were ingredients that went into making this delicious   recipe for family reconnection.  Someone once said, “Home is knowing that no matter how hard times get, someone is there for you.”  Welcome home friends.  Welcome home.

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