Way to Go Grad!

Graduate Bryant from Vita Nova

Graduation season is one of those special times that loved ones get to wrap their arms around the honoredgrad and to brag about their accomplishment. It is gratifying to step in to that parental role to help choose the perfect graduation attire, teach youth how to tie their tie and to become the annoying loved one taking tons of pictures.

In the end, it is all well worth it and nothing is more satisfying than seeing youth that once felt defeated and alone walk across the stage with their head held high and full of promise. Vita Nova would like to highlight one of our many 2018 graduates- Bryant!

Bryant is well on his way to achieving great things. Despite the difficulties he faced in middle school as a result of bullying, Bryant remained confident in his ability to succeed academically. Throughout the years, Bryant learned to accept the support of caring adults and participated in clubs, groups and life skills programming, both in school and in the community that helped keep Bryant strong and resilient.

Bryant’s biggest challenge in high school was caring for a parent with lifelong health concerns while balancing his academic, employment and social commitments. Bryant’s hard work earned him a 3.1 GPA at Lake Worth Community High School and he earned three scholarships: Daniel S. Hall Social Justice Award, Gwen Hayes Scholarship Award and the Lake Worth Dollars for Scholars Award. Bryant is attending Palm Beach State College and later plans to attend Florida Atlantic University to study Theatre and Music so he can create a masterpiece to inspire and impact youth who lack a support system. Way to go Bryant!

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